Public services : URSSAF commitment

Last up dating on Friday 29 January 2021

9 services commitments ? URSSAF network fully participates in the continuous improvement programme for public services called "Services Publics +". URSSAF thus makes 9 commitments to its publics, in a logic of listening and continuous improvement.

Service commitments, transparency on our results, compilation of user feedback, optimisation of our service offer following this feedback…This is the logic of continuous improvement in which the URSSAF network works alongside other public services, as part of the "Services Publics +" programme deployed by public authorities.

URSSAF thus makes 9 commitments to their publics.

URSSAF is already working daily to meet expectations of its audiences. Here are a few examples:

  • Errors to be avoided when declaring your contributions can be found at #engagement 1 #droitalerreur
  • URSSAF phone numbers are not surcharged #engagement 2
  • Self employed workers are offered specific reception within URSSAF #engagement 2 #engagement 4
  • AutoEntrepreneur Urssaf mobile application and website make it easy to carry out procedures online #engagement 2
  • URSSAF network provides specific support to company founders in order to facilitate their procedures #engagement 3
  • URSSAF results in terms of service relations are published under #engagement 6
  • URSSAF participates in the initiative, which enables users to share their experience with public services to help them improve #engagement 7
  • At the end of their declaration via the Cesu service (home employment), our users are encouraged to evaluate this service via the "I give my opinion" button #engagement 7