Social Net Amount: Display on Pay Slips for Salaries Paid Since January 1, 2024

Last up dating on Wednesday 31 January 2024

The social net amount corresponds to the amount of income to be declared to social organizations to benefit from certain benefits.
This data appears on pay slips issued by the TFE service for all salaries paid since January 1, 2024.

A practical and simple use for recipients of RSA and the activity bonus
Employees receiving income support (RSA) or the activity bonus can enter the social net amount on their quarterly income statement for the Caf.
Now, the employee transfers the social net amount indicated on their pay slip to their quarterly income statement.

For your employees who are not recipients of RSA or the activity bonus
The display of the social net amount will not be used initially.
However, they will be able to use the social net amount to simulate their entitlement to these benefits on

For more information on the social net amount, consult the FAQ or refer to the official social security bulletin.