Your declaration by DSN

Last up dating on Monday 01 January 2018

Your TFE centre is going to establish social nominative declaration (DSN) to make your company's social declarations shortly.

Here you should :

  • inform your salaried staff about the transition to DSN declaration,
  • maintain temporarily usual process for salaried staff work health insurance company and unemployment benefit office.

It is compulsory to inform your salaried staff about the transition to DSN declaration

You have to forward to your entire salaried staff an information letter relating to this new means of declaration. A model of this letter is at your disposal on and specifies in particular the personal data contained in DSN as well as the arrangements for exercising rights of access and rectification under the Act.

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Maintain usual process for end of contracts

You will be informed later when your TFE center is going to integrate this formality in DSN, until then you should carry on :

  • to establish through the employer certificate in case of breach of contract, which also has to be given to salaried staff.