Paid holidays reimbursement for companies affected by health crisis

Last up dating on Friday 22 January 2021

In order to help companies affected by the health crisis, an exceptional aid is granted to companies whose main activity involves receiving the public, if measures taken to deal with Covid-19 epidemic have had following consequences :

  • a ban on receiving public for a total of at least 140 days during the year 2020 ;
  • or a loss of company turnorver of at least 90% over the period when health emergency was declared, compared to same period in 2019.

This aid is granted in respect of paid holidays taken by employees during a period of short-time work, between January 1, and January 31, 2021 up to a limit of 10 days per employee.
This aid may also be granted in respect of paid holidays taken by employees during the period from February 1, to March 7, 2021 if the eligible company has placed one or more employees in a short-time activity during this period.

Its amount is equal to 70 % of holiday pay up to a limit of 4,5 SMIC, whose hourly amount may not be less than 8,11 €.

Remuneration paid to employee for paid holidays (holiday pay) is subject to social security contributions as earned income.
These sums are to be declared on January 2021 social voucher, under heading "remuneration elements" without forgetting to enter concerned period stating "paid leave".

To get aid, employer must have a partial activity authorization and submit a demand by dematerialised means, specifying as reason "exceptionnal aid in respect of paid leave taken between January 1, and January 20, 2021"after consulting social and economic committee (CSE).
Payment of the grant will be made by "Agence de services et de paiement" (ASP)