The social net amount : a new addition to be shown on payslips at the end of 2023

Last up dating on Monday 26 June 2023

By the end of 2023, your employees' payslips will include a new information: the social net amount.

A new reference data
The “social net amount” represents the amount of resources to be declared to social organizations in order to receive certain benefits. This data will be included on all employees' pay slips. Its implementation will be gradual. For pay slips produced by the TFE service, this information will be available by the end of 2023. The social net amount will be calculated by TFE and will appear on the pay slip without any action needed to be taken by the employer.

Practical use for recipients of RSA and activity allowance
Following the update of pay slips by the end of 2023, your employees who are eligible for the active solidarity income (RSA) or the activity allowance will be able to provide the social net amount on their quarterly income declaration for Family Allowance Fund (CAF).
This simplifies matters for employees who receive these benefits, as they no longer need to manually calculate their income for declaration, which could lead to errors or failure to claim their rights. Instead, they only need to report the social net amount indicated on their pay slip in their quarterly income declaration.

For employees who are not recipients of RSA or the activity allowance
Initially, the display of the social net amount will not be utilized for employees who do not receive RSA or the activity allowance. However, they will have the option to use the social net amount to estimate their eligibility for these benefits on