Inflation allowance

Last up dating on Monday 15 November 2021

For more information on inflation allowance (beneficiaries, eligibility conditions or payment modalities) see our latest news below.

In order to deal with the impact of inflation on French people's purchasing power, the government decided to grant an "inflation allowance" i.e. an exceptional aid of 100 €, which will be paid in a single instalment to people who meet the eligibility criteria.
This allowance is not subject to any social or fiscal contribution.

It is the employer's responsibility to pay inflation allowance to eligible employees from December 2021. All amounts declared will be deducted from social security contributions due to Urssaf.

The treatment of this inflation allowance requires an evolution of our website, which will take place in December 2021.

A further news item will be posted shortly to inform you about the update of the site and reporting procedures.

For more information see also government's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)