Privacy policy

ACOSS and URSSAF network ensure that data gathering and their treatment are in compliance with Regulation n° 2016/679/UE regarding data protection (RGPD) and law n° 78-17 of 6th January 1978 relating to Information Technology, Files and Civil Liberties.

Each form or teleservice implemented by ACOSS or URSSAF network limits personal data collection regarding the purpose for which they are being processed (data minimization). The data protection designee is systematically informed about this purpose (DPO)

Deliberations of National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL) and regulatory acts regarding national treatment by Acoss and URSSAF network from different hosted sites

  • Treatments regarding disposal "Social nominative declaration" (DSN) : decree n°2016-1567 dated 21st November 2016, ministerial ruling dated 30th November 2016 and CNIL deliberation n° 2016-293 dated 29th September 2016
  • Treatments regarding disposal "Social nominative declaration" (DSN) : regulatory act dated 23rd July 1999 and CNIL deliberation n° 97-001 dated 14th January 1997
  • Treatments regarding disposal "On line account" (DCL) regulatory act as of 26th November 2004 and CNIL deliberation n° 1030339 dated 21st October 2004.
  • Treatments regarding disposal "Pajemploi" : regulatory act dated 27th February 2004 and CNIL deliberation n° 879762 dated 9th January 2004.
  • Treatments regarding disposal "Universal employment check" (CESU) regulatory act dated 20th April 2015 and CNIL seisin n° 14021966 dated 29th July 2014.
  • Treatments regarding disposal "Company employment service voucher" (TESE) : decree n° 2009-342 dated 27th March 2009. As regard of a substitution since 2009 of "Company employment voucher" (TEE) and "very small companies employment voucher" (CETPE) disposal, which purposes are identical, CNIL deliberation remain relevant today : for CETPE CNIL deliberation n° 1127844 of 22nd April 2008 and for TEE CNIL deliberation n°1013109 of 8th April 2004.
  • Treatments regarding "Associations employment checks" (CEA) : decree n° 2004-370 of 27th April 2004, decision of 27th April 2004.
  • Treatments regarding disposal "Annual social data declarations" (DADS) : decree of 27th December 2016 and opinion of the CNIL deemed favourable.

Why are these data collected for ?

Supply of your personnel data to ACOSS and URSSAF network through on line and/or paper forms are a legal obligation necessary to fulfiment of their public service mission to collect sociale contributions and fees.

Who are recipients of your data ?

Collected data are of restricted use to accredited professionnals and fixed by ACOSS and URSSAF network or recipients of public sector regarding legal obligation or under by CNIL approved conditions.

What is the storage life of your data ?

ACOSS and URSSAF network store your data only during required time for concerned operations in respect of the relevant legislation.

How will your data security be ensured ?

Your personal data collected as part of provided services by ACOSS and URSSAF network are processed following secured protocol both electronic and physical.

Which freedom and information technology rights can you exercise ?

In accordance with freedom and information technology law and/or RGPD you have

  • the possibility to ask if ACOSS and URSSAF network hold relevant information about you, and require ACOSS and URSSAF network to communicate all these data (access rights)
  • the right to limit treatment of personal data if you consider it to be excessive or unlawful (treatment restriction right). This right is not absolute, ACOSS and URSSAF network can decide to carry on treatment of your data
  • the possibility to request rectification of inaccurate information about you (rectification right)
  • the possibility, if appropriate and for legitimate reasons, to set against appearing on file hold by ACOSS and URSSAF network (right to object). This right is not absolute, ACOSS and URSSAF network can be under obligation to store information about you as part of public interest missions.
  • the possibility to request, if appropriate and if there are no legal obligation opposing, to delete your data from file held by ACOSS (right to be forgotten). This right is not absolute, ACOSS may have to store information about you, notably as part of their public interest missions.
  • the possibility to define what is going on whith your data after your death

You can exercise these rights by contacting the Delegate to data protection by email at following address : or by postal mail at following address : Acoss, Informatique et Libertés, 36 rue de Valmy, 93108 Montreuil Cedex, France attaching in both cases by a identity copy.

Any request send to Delegate to data protection concerns only questions relevant of "freedom and information technology" law and/or RGPD, any other request will be untreated and remain unanswered.

For any other query or claim you may contact CNIL.

What use is made of cookies ?

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